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Feng Shui (Wind & Water Flow) is all about life balance and health. Coaching my clients, I often realized, that inner work has a lot to do with outer work. To this day, I am grateful to have invested time and thought to get educated in this wonderful traditional art for better living. Basically you have 5 elements, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. They give or take energy from each other or control their energy in a certain way. If you have Balance in all areas, your energy flows, you are happy, healthy and confident.

This picture was the inspiration for this weeks Blogpost, as well as my posts on social media.

After a beautiful "foto safari" to the North Sea last Sunday, I was totally fascinated by this picture and if you follow me on Pinterest, Instagram, Tiki Tok, YouTube or Facebook you might ask: Why is she always posting videos of running water? Streams, Fountains, etc...

Well, the answer is in this picture, something is out of balance. In Feng Shui metal controls wood. Is my Wood element draining my Water energy? Does it need to be controlled?

Yes! And somehow I needed a visual to realize, what is going on...

In times of corona, social distancing was/is a big topic. So I thought, maybe everybody could benefit from a Feng Shui water cure but let's start with:

3 Feng Shui Insights

1. Your outer world is a mirror of your inner world. Look around your home.

What do you see?

Are your 5 elements in balance?

2. Do you crave one thing in Particular?

A friend of mine wants to move to a place, where he can soak up a lot off sun (Fire element)

Another friend of mine has so many plants at her house, it feels like a jungle (Wood element)

I have this running water thing (Water element)

Somebody might live in a sterile, white, super clean home (Metal element)

Your entire home is tiled and colored in earthy tones? (Earth element)

3. Even the food you eat and the drinks you drink can indicate a weakening element situation.

For example my weakening water element is a clear sign: I do not drink enough water!

You could benefit from strengthening your water element, if:

1. you are fascinated by the picture above

2. you do not drink enough water

3. your home has barely any blue or black home decoration

4. you feel a lack of clarity or social interaction

5. you are thinking about your life purpose

The 3 fastest ways to strengthen a weak water element are:

1. clear any clutter or chaos

2. go to a lake, sea, river or fountain and soak up some water energy

3. add some dark blue or black home decoration or mirrors

and... stay hydrated!

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” Rumi

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Your Life Coach, Astrid F. Schneider enjoy some life balance living Fun Schwey... (Feng Shui)