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Reframing - giving things/thoughts a new frame or looking at them differently.

The health, happiness and success of my loved ones, clients and readers are on my mind every week.

Due to the Corona crisis, we all are uncertain about the future and sometimes forced to make drastic decisions.

My heart project to convert the monastery mill in Rastede into a small hotel and to be able to give seminars there has "dissolved into thin air". New ideas were needed!

A parallel project, had cost me so much energy that it would have almost

burned me out, if I hadn't put a full force brake on it.

I succeeded with reframing. For almost 14 years I felt bullied out of my company, I always felt I had someone stabbing me in the back, causing stinging pain for years in the shoulder area.

A few weeks ago, suddenly something "clicked". I could see things through a different pair of glasses. I wasn't kicked out! I had chosen my children!

I had also decided on a new job and today I notice more and more how happy and healthy this is for me. I can live my calling and the pain is gone. "Hallelujah"!

Did you ever wear pink glasses? This is the prime example of reframing. You're in love, everything is beautiful, the love is becoming day to day business and the pink is gone, you look at the same partner and suddenly see something completely different?

This has to do with your needs and your value system and that's exactly what Reframing is. It is Re-evaluation.

There is another example, the little man in your ear saying things like: "you look old today! So many wrinkles! You are too fat, too thin, too big, too small, too pale..." You know what I mean! Don't let that happen! Start re-assessing things. Take responsibility for your thoughts.

Ask yourself, "Is that really the case?" If you're honest with yourself, you'll get answers like this: "I'm not too old and wrinkly! I just don't want to/can't fight, or I'm not too ...,

I am good just the way I am. I can decide at any moment to change my attitude.

I can always see thing under a different light or through rose colored glasses, my glass is rather half full, than empty.



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