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Did you wake up to-or-in a post-truth-world? I really know how you feel. Waking up to a new reality can be scarry and confusing. With this Blogpost I am sharing 7 tried and true ideas for your peace of mind and the calming flow of life balance living.

In the past few years, NGO’s Non-Government Organizations, ruled by capital philanthropists are greedily shifting more and more money into their own pockets, they have secret, worldwide meetings in Davos, or elsewhere to plan new agendas of massive depopulation, digital control and other very sick transhuman ideas. It is in our best interest and hands to say NO! We are many, and more and more people “wake up” every day. The corrupt system is crumbling…

One of Russell Brand’s truth bombs puts it in a nutshell: “if you have an economic system, in which pharmaceutical companies benefit hugely from medical emergencies, the industrial complex benefits from war, energy companies benefit from energy crisis, you are going to generate states of perpetual crisis.”

Now, how can you live your best life in a post truth world?

Try these 7 effective and inspirational ideas for peace of mind and a calming flow:

1. Question the Authority. Whenever something comes up, that scares you, confuses or startles you, trust your instincts. You are probably right, but do not let this get to you, instead question the authority.

This is a huge part of almost every cognitive behavior Therapy and a great tool to stay sane in an unsane world and. Who said x and what qualifies this person to say so? In most cases you will discover nothing but “Hot air”.

2. Make peace with what is. If you can’t control the macro cosmos, take really good care of the micro cosmos. Who or what are you at war with? How can we live in peace, if we have daily little wars with friends, family, neighbors, political opinions, NGO’S, personal situations, the place, or time we live in, etc.?

The easiest way to do that, is to “walk a day in your enemies’ moccasins”. (Old Indian wisdom) You might discover their motives, which in turn could change your point of view or give you valuable insights. If you find it in your heart to forgive a person, you are on a really good path to mental freedom.

3. Evaluate the Worst-case scenario. This is a great idea if you need to calm your mind. If the worst-case is evident, it is easier to find ways to deal with the situation at hand or prevent it. When the blackout propaganda during the gas crisis was at its peak, Germans came up with a thriller series about a European wide blackout (after a novel by the Marc Elsberg) to feed their political agenda of fear even more.

Many people started to buy survival kits and bottled water; supermarket shelves were empty. I must admit, I was scared, too. Looking back, I am grateful for the experience, because I found sustainable ways to create my “survival kit” (probably another blogpost?!)

4. Mental hygiene. More than ever, filtering the input through media is crucial.

Have you heard about subliminals? They are stimuli, unrecognizable to our conscious mind, used to influence our decisions and behavior.

The sad thing is, that they are not only used to influence our buying habits, they also influence our children in very manipulative ways. Listening to real life classical Music, a guitar solo or a good street musician, as well as reading, ranks high on healthy, alternative input.

5. Enjoy here & now. In our busy life we often forget that. We make plans for the future and are grumpy about issues that already happened. Eckhart Tolle is a master of reminding his followers to be in the present, as much as possible. I love his quote: “Focus your attention on the Now and tell me what problem you have at this moment.”

6. Declutter! In a world full of temptations, it is easy to get surrounded by things without need, purpose or meaning. Clutter weighs most people down and in my experience is most present in people who lack exactly that: Purpose and meaning.

According to Jordan Peterson: “Clean up Your room!” is a perfect start, but even a drawer, your handbag or just the fridge, can be the beginning of your new clutter-free life. If you are interested in a 5 Minutes for 10 Days Declutter-Challenge, visit my Instagram feed. @astrid.f.schneider.autorin

7. Connect in real life. The pandemic has divided our society into conformers and rebels. After being left with very few real friends, finding a new “Tribe” was a big issue for me. Strangely enough, connecting to likeminded people across the world started the most interesting, soul filling conversations I ever had and meeting them in Person is a constant joy in my life now. As a digital nomad I travel a lot. The next stops are northern Germany all of June and Greece in July, I keep you posted on Instagram: @astrid.f.schneider.autorin

Conclusion: The post-truth world we live in might feel scary, but right now is a great time for subtle changes, to live an even more sustainable and authentic life.

1. Trust your instincts…

2. Make peace with what is…

3. Evaluate the worst-case scenario…

4. Practice mental hygiene…

5. Enjoy here & now…

6. Declutter!

7. Connect in real life…

Quality over quantity! Refusing to be played by should and musts, fresh content comes when it is great and ready. Like, share and follow my social media accounts to connect & stay on track…

See you soon,

your Life-Coach & Designer/Author, Astrid


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