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The common cold has high season and so do all the tales about cold and flu remedies.

My mother used to say: "A cold lasts a week with medication and seven days without medication." This post is by no means medical advice, check with your doctor if you feel that it is necessary. For me that is not an option. I got hit with a severe cold just 2 days before New Year's Eve and I am almost back to normal.

Looking back, I know exactly, why I got sick in the first place and what to do about it.

My family and loved ones talked about all kinds of remedies, which all involved medication, a total "no-go" for me. It showed me how unnatural our thoughts about healing our bodies are, which in turn led to this blogpost. "The different aspects of the common cold."

In this post, we'll explore different aspects of the common cold, delve into the beauty of haiku inspired poetry and discuss 3 health habits to help you get through the common cold naturally.

Common cold and flu,

get rest and ask your body,

why and what to do...

(Astrid F. Schneider Haiku inspired poetry)

Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese verse, comprised of just three lines.

Despite their brevity, haikus capture the essence of a moment or a feeling. Finding inspiration in the simplicity and elegance of haiku poetry is also part of the Wabi Sabi lifestyle.

The different aspects of the common cold: a chance to rest, a chance to detox, a chance to reflect and to renew.

Off course we can numb the symptoms down and continue with our busy lifestyle, modern medicine makes it possible, but isn't that exactly why so many people are facing burn-out symptoms, depression as well as heart and weight issues?

Not beging able to be online helps a "wired nervous system" to calm down and switch to healing mode.

To me going through the cold had more benefits than negative aspects. It felt like a re-set, getting stuff out of my body that doesn't belong and it cleared my mind.

The 3 better health habits:

  1. Allowing a cold, instead of fighting it.

  2. You and your body are a team! Ask your body why you are heaving this cold? You might not get immediate answers but over time they will come. Most likely it is time to do something different in your life!

  3. Ask your body what to do about the new revelations! There is much beauty in inner wisdom...

Psychosomatic healing and natural remedies are highly under attack, I do believe because they work too well and there is only little money to be made...

This Book is a lovely beginning into the wonderful world of psyche and soma (Körper).

Conclusion: The common cold and the not so common way to deal with it, has power potential!

If you are willing to see the different aspects of the common cold & if you are willing to try 3 better health habits - without medicine - a common cold can truly empower you and potentially change your life. So, let's welcome our inner healing mechanisms and let's live the life we are meant to live.


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