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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and people get busy. If you feel like reading a little romantic short story in two parts, you might want to check out my latest story "Thanksgiving Dinner". Part One is shared here and part two willcome out next week.

To spice things up bit I threw in a delicious pumpkin pleasure recipe for you to enjoy, as well as a gratitude haiku.

Short and sweet Content for busy people:

Gratitude Haiku inspired Poetry

Delicious pumpkin pleasure salad recipe

Short story "Thangsgiving Dinner" (Part 1) by Astrid F. Schneider


Gratitude "Haiku"

Table set with care,

Pumpkin Flavours in the air,

Gratitude to share...

(Haiku inspired poetry by Astrid F. Schneider)

Delicious Pumpkin Pleasure Salad Recipe

Hearty, protein rich pumpkin salad for 4 people

1/2 pumpkin diced

1 small onion diced

1 bag of salad

1 small can of black beans drained and washed

1 small tub of cottage cheese

2 cups of pecan nuts

Roast onion and diced pumpkin in a pan, season with salt and pepper to taste,

add black beans and a cup of water,

simmer for 2-3 minutes,

add cottage cheese and serve warm over a bed of salad,

garnish with pecan nuts and a drizzle of maple syrup - YUMMY

Thanksgiving Dinner

"Nina honey, want some?" My mom looks at me, I’m staring at the new curtains while she is serving her famous Thanksgiving Dinner. A red Porshe drives by. "That’ Tim! Mary’s new boyfriend. Isn’t he gorgeous?" And with a blaming gaze, a stingy spoon of stuffing lands on my plate.

My sister pulls her fingers out of the cave her fiancé had formed on top of her hand, to give shelter to an oversized wedding band. "And Harvey down the street”, my dad continues, “the poor guy, has lost his job last week." He takes a moment, looks down compassionately, grabs his glass and gets up. "Let's be thankful today. For our health, our family and this wonderful dinner, your mother has prepared." Our glasses meet with a cheerful kling.

Just as he sits down, Will gets up. “Lisa and I have an announcement to make.” He takes my sister’s hand. “We got engaged.” My parents proudly clap their hands and look at each other in conspiracy: “We knew it, didn’t we Darling?”

My fork is on autopilot, pushes some beans to the side, pokes the turkey and finally grabs a bite of stuffing. I love the different smells of Thanksgiving. Pumpkin pie spices evaporate from the oven right now, linger in the kitchen and slowly take over the dining room. They are my favorite and remind me to leave some room for dessert. I savor the stuffing, chew and crack! My front tooth chips. “Outsch, that hurts.” And with that, the content of my mouth goes straight into my napkin. The chipped piece of my tooth sticks out plus a strange object. “It is a ring.” I hold it up into the air, so everybody can see. “It’s engraved!” with squinting eyes I read: “C&C 13.6.2022. Mom?” “Well,” my mom’s face is glowing: “Oh you know, I had so much to do this year. The new Curtains and…” Her eyes wander from one questioning face to the next, “oh I asked Chris to make the dinner for me.”

“Who the hell is Chris?” My dad is fuming.

I hold my hurting mouth. “Excuse me, I’ll be right back.” Feeling like a boxer after a lost fight, I flee to the quietness of the powder room. I hear them whispering and here and there utensils are hitting plates. My reflection in the mirror looks like a stranger to me. I do not know, how long I’ve been standing there staring, taking a closer look at my mouth and inspecting the ring, but finally I decide to get the tooth fixed asap and to give the ring back to the owner.

My mother spots me first. “Are you ok Honey?” Over the years she really has perfected her worry voice. “Your plate is in the microwave.” They are already finishing desserts. “I don’t think I can chew mom, my gums hurt. I’d rather just have pie without crust.” “Coming right up!” Her fidgety behavior is strange. “There you go!” She puts an enormous piece of pumpkin pie covered with a mountain of whipped cream right in front me. “I even took off the crust.” She smiles, I’m overwhelmed. “So, Mom, who is Chris?”

(To be continued - Part two - next week)


Writes love stories in the context of todays life and uses her coaching experience to create characters you can relate to. Her stories open the heart, calm the soul and inspire. She is passionate about her Life Balance Living Blog, where she shares ways to create balance and true sustainability. Her common sense approach is fun and refreshing.


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