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2 Turkey serving dishes for Sauce or sweets for a beautiful thanksgiving dinner table setting
A Thanksgiving short story about Love (Part 2)

If you are new here, please feel free to read Thanksgiving Dinner (Part 1) first, in last weeks blog. (Picture with the 2 Pumpkins and a heart)

... “So, Mom, who is Chris?” “Chris is the owner of the new restaurant on Willow Street, next to Libby’s bakery. Your Dad and I went there a couple of times. The atmosphere and the food were fantastic, and they have a small catering service, too. I thought, I’ll give it a try.” My whole head hurts, I can barely eat. “Libby has invited me to look at the addition she has made to her place, so when I see her tomorrow, I’ll stop by that new restaurant and give the ring back. Hopefully I get an appointment at the dentist too.” “What a great idea! Tomorrow is Black Friday, everybody will be shopping. Chances are high Dr.Greene will have time to look at your tooth. Just call him first thing in the morning. By the way, I was hoping you can return the Plates to Chris as well.” “Isn’t Dr. Greene too old to practice?” Without waiting for an answer, I hug everybody and leave to go to bed. A restless and painful night later, I make my dentist appointment and stroll into town. The new restaurant greets me with doors wide open. Immediately I am at awe about the architecture of the place. “We start at 12”, a Man about 4 inches taller than me, well dressed, with dark hair and amazing green eyes walks towards me. “I am sorry we leave the doors open when we expect deliveries.” “I am sorry to just walk in, but I found this in my stuffing yesterday.” I give him the ring and point to my cracked tooth. He starts laughing and immediately regains control: “Oh, not funny!” He scans me. I shake my head. “No, not really. I have a dentist appointment in two hours.” There is an awkward silence between us until a trolly full of wine cases interrupts this surreal moment. “Splendid! Hold on a minute.” He gives some orders to the delivery guy. “I am truly sorry about your tooth. My insurance will cover your expenses. I would love to stay and chat, maybe we could do that some other day? I’m needed in the kitchen.” He shakes my hand, decides to give me an additional hug and his card. “Call me, ok?” “Chris?” he turns around. “I am supposed to return this. It’s from the Kramer family.” I hand a bag full of dishes to him and leave.

The bakery has gotten a total makeover. “Is this Libby’s bakery?” She drops her window decoration. “Nina! It's so good to see you.” Libby hugs are special because they smell like vanilla. “Come in we, have to talk, I haven’t seen you for ages, you've got to give me all the gossip. How is your family?” I bite my lip. “Lisa and Will got engaged.” “About time I would say, what about you?” “No news in that department. I had so much work, I didn't even have time to date.” “But now you're here, I hope you can stay a little. By the way what’s wrong with your tooth, what happened?” Libby takes my hand and guides me further into her store. “Thanksgiving happened; I have a dentist appointment later.” I look around. ”Oh my God Libby, this is beautiful. I can't believe what you've done to the place!” “There is other news as well.” She pulls me into the backroom. “I have a new neighbor! You’ve got to meet him, he's super sexy and adorable, and successful and he can cook. I think he is as crazy about me, as I’m crazy about him. We have a date on Monday.” “You mean Chris next door?” I point to the restaurant I just had left. “Yes!” Libby continues to rattle about Chris, a possible future and I can’t even recall what else. My mind is wandering from Lisa’s gigantic wedding band to the ring that chipped my tooth and to the restaurant Casanova, who was just about to steal my heart. “Libby! I’ve got to go.” “I know, the dentist.” She smiles. After a nice long vanilla hug, I find myself quite uneasy in one of those threatening dentist chairs. “Nina Kramer!” My highschool sweetheart is looking down on me. He is as handsome as ever. ”I was hoping to find you in this chair one day just to ask you that one question again.” He grins and puts his gloves on. “Open your mouth.” He inspects every tooth and puts his tools down “I just didn’t expect to see you on my first day in practice.” Our eyes meet. "I think this will be a longer procedure. I suggest we start right away, if you have time." His smile is washing away my fear of dental procedures. “If you continue to look at me like this, I don’t even need anesthesia.”

If you liked this shortstory, stay tuned! This short story will become a saga of shortstories,

where you'll meet characters you already know and where you can follow their lovestories.

As a writer of short stories, I am totally in love with Haikus, the japanese 5-7-5 syllable observations of Nature. They Inspire my poetry 3-liners to spark mindfulness, enjoy.

Happiness, great find!

A natural Consequence,

of freeing your mind.

(Astrid F. Schneider)


Writes love stories in the context of todays life and uses her coaching experience to create characters you can relate to. Her stories open the heart, calm the soul and inspire. She is passionate about her Life Balance Living Blog, where she shares ways to create balance and true sustainability. Her common sense approach is fun and refreshing.


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