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Hello, I am Liebeslabyrinth. The first book of my Author Astrid F. Schneider. I am a short story collection. Discover how my characters master their life and step into personal growth. The settings are beautiful, even or futuristic. Disclaimer: this book might change the way you see the world or help you see, that you are not alone...
Liebeslabyrinth ISBN 978399146795-3 Bewegende Kurzgeschichten Sammlung von Astrid F. Schneider

Love labyrinth, a maze of pathways. Isn't that, what love is all about? A book that could potentially inspire your life or even transform it?

Well, if you are into personal development, you might enjoy the read, but there is so much more than that. So, take a moment to appreciate the beauty and allure of short stories, characters you can relate to and beautiful or futuristic settings. Let the spark begin.

In this blog post, we'll explore each story a tiny little bit, without spoilig the end, delve into the beauty of haiku poetry, the fun of reading in front of an audience, and discuss the astonishing benefit of reading a real book. So, get to your favorite reading spot, and let's embark on this journey together.

Ice-cold lemonade,

Words like sunshine in my head,

Summers sweet escape...

(Astrid F. Schneider Haiku-inspired poetry)

Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese verse, comprised of just three lines.

Despite their brevity, haikus capture the essence of a moment or a feeling. Finding inspiration in the simplicity and elegance of haiku poetry is also part of the Wabi Sabi lifestyle.

Fun Fact: for me as a writer, it is a great exercise since I always carry pen and paper with me, I can train my eye and write everywhere, even if I only have a few minutes...

If you are looking for a summer read you might want to check out Love Labyrinth. It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to this book – and invite you into the colorful world of inspiring paths to happiness.

Short stories have always been sources of inspiration and entertainment. They have the unique ability to transport us to distant lands and times to come or gone by, while teaching us timeless lessons about life and human nature. In this book, I have created stories that contain the essence and charm of personal development.

In Alina and the baby seal a joung woman overcomes her fear of water and learns to swim. Will this get her closer to the sailor, she has been secretly in love with for a long time?

The red rose is a story about an unexplicable phenomenon and finding peace with a disturbing situation.

Love in the city of tomorrow was an experiment. AI and I wrote this story together...

The Jaguar in her workshop touches 2 topics of prejudices and meanders around the resulting misconceptions, will there be a happy end?

Emotional cocktail online dating. With this story I participated in Anthology # 3 of the NOVUM Verlag and guess, what: The 1. Version did not make it to print, but the revised one, is now one of my favorite little stories about the almost "therapeutic" aspects of online dating.

Marie's time out deals with a best friend turned into enemy, a lot of self love to develop and the strong bond of husband and wife.

In Networked, a young couple prepares for their wedding. This is the 1. chapter of a novel I still want to write and a text I was able to read in Hera Linds (Bestselling German Author and fantstic human being) romance workshop. Her feedback was amazing and let me walk on cloud 9 for quite some time. Here is what she said: "Sounds a bit like JOJO MOYES"

The seventh time itch deals with a very sarcastic sense of humor, does love have a chance in this toxic situation?

Gwendoline's highschool sweetheart is about fidelity and second chances...

In the web of conspiracy. Linda and Noras stories intertwine, actually this is another first chapter of a novel, I still want to write - I need more time!

Accidentally happy was a story I wrote specifically for the Rasteder Lesestunden and it was the first time ever to read in front of an audience. The original title was Starchild effect and is about a young woman growing into her full potential.

Simon's transformation is super short and about the way our clothes and style can affect our life.

Intelligent city oasis deals with smart city life - True meaning of smart revealed!

There's something magical about sharing my stories with you. Maybe they will touch your heart, they really touched mine.

ISBN 978399146795-3 for the German book. The english version will be out End August 2024, join my mailing list and you will not miss the release day.

What a good time it was, reading at the Rasteder Lesestunden...

If you are interested in a book signing event, I am up for that. Talk to your favorite Library or event space. I love to get in touch with my readers, or just send me an e-mail.

Last but not least: Brain Power!

Reading a real book can boost brain power. Do not take my word for it, look it up!

The German book Liebeslabyrinth is in stock in a select few book stores, and it is available in print to order programs as well throughout Europe. At first I was not to happy about Print to order, but I do like the environment conscious way. The english version at this point is an e-reader only format.

Conclusion: Summer is here and an Invitation to lazy days and vacation time, maybe with a good book?

As summer gets into full swing, it is easy to embrace time to read, wether you are at the beach or in the shade of a tree in parks nearby. Romantic, and introspective stories are here for you, with a haiku to capture the fleeting beauty of a moment in time and the brain power benefit of reading a real book.


Writes love stories in the context of todays life and personal development. She uses her coaching experience to create characters you can relate to. Her stories open the heart, calm the soul and inspire. She is passionate about her Life Balance Living Blog, where she shares some of her stories and ways to create balance and personal growth. Her common sense approach is fun and refreshing.


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